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Legal counsel for revising and amending commercial contracts.

Because business arrangements change over time and due to alterations in the dynamics of commercial relationships, so too should the contractual arrangements between the parties be revised, amended, updated, modified or otherwise altered to reflect the new business situation.

The amendment and/or revision of legal agreements to reflect changing business dynamics is a necessary component of the business cycle. For whereas a signed contract represents the agreement between parties at a particular point in time, with some contemplation being given to anticipated developments over the life time of the contract, what actually transpires over time cannot be predicted with any certainty, such that when changes do arise, it may be necessary to revise or amend the contract to reflect such alterations / modifications.

At Neufeld Legal P.C., we work to effect appropriate changes to legal agreements through their amendment or revision, such that the parties can collectively advance their respective commercial interests in the face of new business dynamics, while having the appropriate legal safeguards available through an amended contract. As such, for knowledgeable and experienced legal representation with respect to the amendment or revision of an existing business agreement, contact contract lawyer Christopher Neufeld at 403-400-4092 or via email at

  Non-Recruitment Agreement
Contracts should be made specific to the particular circumstances of the business arrangement, as opposed to simply attempting to rely on a generic template that is not designed to advance your company's financial interests, hence the significance of a contract lawyer drafting a non-recruitment agreement.
Clauses often seen in such contracts might include some variant of:
" To protect the xxx’s legitimate business interests, including its Confidential Information and business relationships, xxx shall not, directly or indirectly through any xxx entity, without the prior written consent of xxx, for his own benefit or the benefit of any third party: ... (vi) for the period of five years after Completion, be involved in or concerned in any television programme or with any artist or artists selected as part of a television programme which competes with the Format (as defined in the Stock Purchase Agreement). For the purposes of this clause, it is understood that a programme competes with the Format if it involves a search for artistic talent, including, but not limited to, a recording and/or song writing artist (whether an individual artist or a group of more than one) and the making of commercial recordings by that artist(s) or exploitation of songs written by that artist(s) or the signature of a recording and/or publishing agreement by that artist(s), or any program that contains elements similar to the Format."

Contract Lawyer Christopher Neufeld is a corporate commercial solicitor admitted to practice law in Alberta and Ontario (Canada) and New York (U.S.A.).  Christopher's legal practice focuses primarily on business law, in particular corporate commercial transactions and contract drafting and negotiations. Operating from Calgary [705 - 120 Silvercreek Close NW, Calgary, Alberta]; Toronto [1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario] and Burlington [719 Catalina Crescent, Burlington, Ontario]. For more information on corporate purchase and sale transactions in Canada visit © 2014.

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