Business Buy-Sell Agreements

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Critical to every sale or purchase of a business, whether the acquisition is by way of its corporate shares or the underlying assets, is the underlying contract that the parties negotiate and enter into. As such, it is imperative that the appropriate buy/sell contract be drafted, such that the true intentions of the parties are addressed and appropriate contractual measures are put in place to resolve problems and settle disputes.

Agreements, such as asset purchase agreements and share purchase agreements, can be substantially and lengthy; nevertheless, the key is the contents of the particular agreement and insuring that it matches the particulars of the contemplated transaction and the specific concerns attendant with the particular business that is being sold. Understanding what is included and excluded from the particular agreement is critical to making the most of the particular business transaction, given that it is in the inclusions and exclusions that the legal differences in business transactions arise and what the contracting parties need to be the most aware of, such that they might realize the intended outcome from the particular buy-sell transaction.

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