Negotiation of business contracts

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Are you interested in realizing better results from your next business? Do you want to increase its profitability, while minimizing the legal risks? Attaining the input of an experienced contract lawyer in the negotiation of your next business contract could be the means by which your business makes smart and rapid progress in its advancement.

An effective negotiation process, which draws upon the contributions of experienced legal counsel, is intended to enable your business to design, negotiate and implement contracts that are capable of optimizing your results, involving:

  • the establish your business case, objectives, needs, potential and risks

  • the identification and understanding of all of the relevant stakeholders - not just yourself and your main counterparty, but others who may be involved including governmental and regulatory authorities

  • the preparation of a plan of the negotiation including targets, participants and timing

  • the rehearsal of your plan-of-action, reviewing the history and background of the parties and identifying the particular characteristics of the players in these particular negotiation

  • our possible direct involvement as a participant in the formal negotiations

  • assisting in the formalization of the contractual arrangements to finalise the deal [drafting the contract or modifying it so that it conforms to the negotiated points of agreement]

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