International Business Agreements

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Critical to almost every foreign business transaction and commercial arrangement is the underlying contract that the parties negotiate and enter into, as it will shape the manner in which their ongoing commercial relationship will be conducted and issues resolved. As such, it is imperative that the appropriate contract be drafted, such that the true intentions of the parties are addressed and appropriate contractual measures are put in place to resolve problems and settle disputes, while dealing with the business and commercial differences associated with different nations.

The differences in approaches to business contracts between different countries can be quite stark, especially when it comes to foreign lawyers who have a very different perspective as to the legal requirements of the particular contract and how the financial objectives are intended to be realized. This can be further impacted by the differences in the country's relevant laws, statutes and regulations and how this has shaped the interpretation and application of particular legal principles and contract clauses and provisions. And these differences can be particularly troublesome when they conflict with the other country's laws, statutes and regulations, such that legal counsel needs to navigate these national differences such that the contracting parties are not adversely impacted and the intended commercial objectives of the particular business transaction or arrangement is capable of realizing optimal results (while limiting unnecessary friction between the contracting parties).

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