Enforcement & dispute resolution of business contracts

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Once a business contract has been negotiated and signed by all the participating parties, the legal work is not necessarily complete. For even with a contract having been drafted and executed, there do arise circumstances that necessitate the enforcement of such legal agreements, and if the other party is not willing or capable of fulfilling their obligations under the contract, it will often become necessary to have a lawyer intercede on your company's behalf to enforce the contractual obligations that the other party had previously agreed to abide by.

Enforcing a contract typically takes on one of two objective goals, either getting the other side to fulfill their stipulated obligations (if one still believes that the other side will subsequently conform to their ongoing obligations following this apparent lapse in their commitment to abide by their contractual requirements) or pursue appropriate recourse for their breach of contract (given that their is a belief that they will not fulfill their contractual obligations now and/or in the future).

With a breach of contract claim not necessarily being as straightforward to realize upon, it oftentimes makes business sense to attempt to seek the enforcement of the contract, whether in its current form or with an appropriate amendment (that better secures the legal position of the non-contravening party). In each of these circumstances, a contract lawyer can be highly beneficial, to not only understanding your company's legal options, but also the downside and vulnerabilities associate with certain courses of action, together with putting together the legal paperwork to allow the enforcement process to have some teeth.

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