Interpretation & review of business contracts

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Business contracts have become increasingly complex, both with their increased length and the specificity of their wording. Instead of the gentlemen's arrangements that were made over a handshake in centuries past, we are now driven by highly specific legal agreements where every word and phrase has substantial meaning, having thereby assumed a leading role in commercial negotiations and business arrangements.

As such, the interpretation of business contracts and the specific obligations emanating therefrom has taken on considerable importance. For the difference between certain words and phrases can be quite substantial, significantly varying the trajectory of a business relationship through the mere alteration in the written terminology that is agreed upon (or accepted, as is all too frequently the case). Therefore, understanding the meaning of a legally-driven agreement is of substantial importance, especially in an era where there is a constant effort to utilizing the specific wording in a contract against the other side and to one's advantage. With such being the case, it is exceedingly beneficial to retain the legal services of a contract lawyer capable of interpreting a business contract, such that you understand your obligations and liabilities in entering into a particular legal agreement.

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